Terms & Conditions  

(1) Licensing. It is the responsibility of the client to obtain all necessary rights and licences required to reproduce logos or artwork not created by Insta Plus Printing.

(2) Loss of Artwork. All artwork provided to us must be a copy of your original. We accept no responsibility for the loss of original artwork files provided to us.

(3) Charges. Our experienced art department is happy to assist you with the setup and/or design of your product. Fees for this service are charged at a fixed or hourly rate depending on the project. This information will be specified on your quote.

(4) Proofing. When proofing artwork electronically colours seen onscreen should not be considered a 100% accurate representation of the final printed product. Accurate full colour printed proofs are available upon request. It is also the responsibility of the client to double check that all information and details displayed in the artwork are correct to avoid the cost of reprinting.

(5) Artwork Variations. Your signed acceptance of the quotation is based on the understanding that variations to the finalised artwork proof will incur additional costs. These costs will be based upon the quantity and complexity of the changes.

(6) Copyright. Any proof provided to a client remains the property of Insta Plus Printing. Digital or physical reproduction of said artwork without written permission (for purposes other than proofing) is not permitted and is an infringement of copyright law. All original artwork, designs and layouts are owned by Insta Plus Printing.


(1) Validity. All quotations are valid for 30 days from the date of the quotation and are subject to change thereafter.

(2) Quotation Variations. Product details will be displayed on your quotation. Your signed acceptance of the quotation is based on the understanding that changes to the quantities, product specifications and/or finalised artwork proofs will incur additional costs.

Production Time

(1) Variations. Production times will be advised on your quotation as they do vary depending on the individual job/ product/ order specifications. Although every effort is made to meet the agreed deadline, we cannot take responsibility for factors outside our control.


(1) Cash on Delivery (COD). Payment is to made upon the collection of goods. The following payment options are available:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa)
  • Debit Card
  • 30 Day Account (Details below)

(2) Accounts. Payment of account is due within 30 days from the day of your invoice. Accounts are based on the understanding that the full account will be paid in full on or before the due date. If a Client defaults without communicating with Insta Plus Printing, the account holder agrees to a late payment fee of 4.5% per month on any outstanding balance. All costs associated with recovering overdue amounts will be charged to the client. Accounts are periodically removed when a Client does not use their account for an extended period of time.

Ownership of Property

(1) Ownership. All goods will remain the property of Insta Plus Printing until such time that all associated costs are paid in full. All artwork, designs, layouts and proofs submitted to the Client for approval remain the property of Insta Plus Printing. All original artwork, designs and layouts are owned by Insta Plus Printing.

Returns & Refunds

(1) Returns. Returns will only be accepted if goods are not supplied as per order or at an unreasonable quality. Insta Plus Printing must be reported in writing within 7 days of pickup/delivery. Insta Plus Printing aims to provide our Clients with the highest quality service combined with the ideal product to suit your needs. If you are not satisfied with your product, please call us to discuss your options.


Terms and Conditions are subject to change.